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A document is simply, as the name suggests, a place a document to type your text in.

How do they work

On the overview page of the documents, which you can reach by clicking on Document on the top, you will see all your current and past documents.

Green means a document is active, yellow means they are no longer active. You'll also notice a start and end-time, and the time remaining. The end-time means that a document can still be opened and edited, but its changes are no longer transmitted in real-time to the client.

New document

Right now

A document can be started right now, which is what happens when you click on "New". The start-time and end-time will be filled in right away, and the time remaining is going to start at 4:00 indicating that you have 4 hours left with this document.


If you want to schedule a document for use at a later time, you start by clicking on "More options". You can then set a starting time, and it will automatically set the end-time for that. As with all documents, scheduled documents are also valid for 4 hours.

Before the starting time, you can open the document and edit the text in it. The only difference is that the text you type isn't automatically send to the clients in real-time, but you can type for example an intro text.

Download text

At times, clients would like to receive the transcribed text. By going to your document overview, you'll see a button "Download" at the very left side. By clicking it, you'll receive the full text that you've transcribed. By simply copy pasting it, you can send the text to your client by your preferred means such as whatsapp, Discord or Zoom.


Unfortunately, developing and maintaining this service is not free. Each document you create, will be available for up to 4 hours. You can choose to manually delete a document sooner, or let it be deleted at the end of its lifetime. Each document should be used for 1 assignment, so the previous client cannot read along with the assignment. At the end of each week, on friday evening at 18:00 CEST, I will send out invoices for all documents created over the past week.

Per Document: €2,50

That's it. If you haven't used your document, or it lived for less than 10m, you will not be charged. That means you should have 3h50m remaining on the document when you remove the document.